Massage Therapy Services


Biomechanical Restructuring (BMR)

This is a type or body treatment technique which encourages the bones and muscles to work together. Often times, muscles are tight because they’re trying to put a bone or bones back into place. When the muscles are overworked like this they can become compromised. The BMR technique aids the bones back into alignment thus relieving the muscle attachments and helping to keep everything in place.


Deep Tissue

This massage modality involves reaching to deeper area’s of the muscle fibers. This massage is recommended for constant pain and soreness. It is helpful for muscles so that they can get proper nourishment to heal.


Hot Stone

This type of massage is similar to Swedish Massage only that hot stones are used in the therapists hands to massage the client. The stones are soothing to sore muscles and can go deep into the muscles without extra pain.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage allows the body to move with greater ease and improves flexibility. Sports Massage benefits athletic people or anyone that sits for long periods of time. It can improve posture through stretching and stimulating muscles that don’t get used very often.



This type of massage is considered to be the most relaxing of all the massage types. Long fluid strokes are used to massage your stress away.


Trigger Point

This therapy involves applying constant pressure to small knots or tiny spasms within a muscle. They are known to trigger pain to other parts of the body when pressed on. Pain can be relieved in a short period of time when doing this therapy. It can be used throughout the body to relax muscles without the application of lotions or oils.



In Studio

60 min


90 min


120 min



In Home

60 min


90 min


120 min