Brian Soleau is the owner and licensed massage therapist behind Essence of Massage.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for helping others to realize and achieve the most healthy, balanced version of themselves, Brian pursued a career in the healing arts. When he discovered the many variations and styles of massage, he knew he had found his niche.


Brian graduated from the Cortiva Institute – Scottsdale School of Massage Therapy with over 750 hours of education and hands-on learning. Following his schooling he has performed 3,000 hours of hands-on massage.

During his time at Cortiva he was trained in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue manipulation, myofascial release neuromuscular release, hot stone massage, and sports massage. Cortiva lead Brian through not only the fundamentals and applications of massage itself, but also more complex facets of the art, such as understanding the relationship between structure, function, and disease in the human body and how massage impacts it.

With his thorough understanding of the body and various techniques for healing it, Brian is able to help all kinds of people at different levels of health and fitness to improve their quality of life and find relaxation and healing through the power of massage.

Brian is committed to expanding his knowledge, techniques, and services and continues to pursue ongoing professional training and education in the healing arts.