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Swedish Massage

Relax and destress under the fluid motions of Swedish Massage.


Hot Stone Massage

Relieve deeper tension and muscle aches with the therapeutic heat of hot stones.


Deep Tissue Massage

Suitable for deeper injuries and aches, deep tissue massage is therapeutic and long lasting.


Trigger Point

Release your muscle knots and get real results with Trigger Point Therapy.


You’re already making an effort to take the best care of your body that you can.

Now’s the perfect time to take the next step and add massage to your wellness routine.

All kinds of athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from weekly or biweekly massage, the key is to know what type of massage will offer you the most benefits and complement your established workout routine and goals.

For sports enthusiasts, active bodies, and those with soreness and pain, I often recommend Sports Massage, Trigger Point, or Deep Tissue. Each of these different techniques allows me to focus exactly where your pain and mobility issues are, so every motion will have the most benefit to your body and support the functioning and recovery of various muscle groups.

For some, massage is a purely luxurious experience – it’s all about stress relief, relaxation, and getting away from it all. For clients looking for a soothing, spa-like experience I offer classic Swedish massage as well as Hot Stone therapy.

Massage as Preventative Medicine – Targeted Healing

For centuries massage has been regarded as a highly effective way to get immediate stress relief and pamper the body, mind and spirit all at once.

But, massage can be more than simple stress relief and pampering – it’s also a safe and effective way to sooth sore and over-worked muscles while improving your range of motion, circulation, blood flow, and recovery time. Additionally, massage after a hard workout has been shown to reduce the production of cytokines, a key cause of inflammation in muscles.

These are all highly valuable benefits for any one, but are especially important for an active person who’s testing the limits of their body and building strength and endurance and those with chronic pain who want to improve their quality of life.

For even more relief, try adding massage to your chiropractic program.

Massage as a Luxurious Experience – General Wellness & Relaxation

The goal of any great healing massage is to envelop you in a warm and comforting environment that allows you to unwind and embrace a more relaxed posture and attitude.

Every ache and pain disappears under the long, fluid strokes of a Swedish massage. For most people this is exactly the experience they need to relax and let go of the tension and aches a busy week leaves in their body.

For those who need a little something extra to take the edge off, the radiant warmth from a hot stone massage allows each knead and stroke to reach deeper into your muscles without additional pressure or pain. The soothing heat is a natural signal to your muscles to relax and when combined with healing touch it can help you release stress and keep your mind, body and spirit relaxed, focused, and ready for whatever’s next.